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What makes Learning Circles work?
Group that worked with Guy

*safety and support
*need resources
*(food) (partnerships)
*common purpose
*hands on
*comfortable atmosphere
*safe enough to confide and share
*respect for other people and friends
*flexible growth x too structured
*help one another
*goal oriented
*common purpose
*lifelong learning + employment

*more than one need
*culture based
*everyone has input
*they drive the program
*respect the space that you are using
*response to community needs
Group that worked with Arthur
*goals (individual and group)
*lack of rules
*something for everyone
*group consensus
decision making
*openness to change
*empathy / challenge
*common focus
*enjoying each other’s company
*safe place
Group that worked with Joy

*listening to one another *friends
*hearing each other
*common theme, reason
*an open mind
*people knowing each other
*where you’re from
*(teacher) using methods appropriate for the people
*occupation, what you do
*what you are what we bring to the group
*respect other people’s opinions
*having a will and interest in what others say
*respect other cultures
*something interesting to learn about
*establishing ground rules for *communication
*understanding that you can learn from *one another
*respect each other and the elders
*flexibility – open-minded
*adaptable to all the people in the group *organic
*create a positive environment
*respect begins at home
*create a non-threatening environment, *free from judgment, safe zone
*enjoy a challenge

*challenges your way of thinking
*sense of humour
*challenging society
*agree to disagree
*a positive outlook on things
*hearing words, listen to ourselves

1. creating safe zone (non-threatening place) – respect, trust, listening, hearing,
open-mindedness, ground rules
2. common theme, will to learn from one another, goals
3. challenging my own thinking and one another – ourselves taking the next step
Group that worked with Janice
*communication /
*getting to know the people you are *working with /
*people who want to be there
*respecting difference/
*culture /////
*a budget
*materials /
*music /
*comfortable space
*family – common ground for bringing peace to the circle (connection) /
*need to be listened to
*solve a problem
*a circle keep the positive in
*new people coming in to the circle
*positive feedback (usefulness)
*embracing differences
*common pupose or aim //
*getting community to join in
*meeting new friends

*creativity /
*a safe place to explore ///
*can work better is a safe place *positive attitudes ///
*something that attracts you
*no pressure to participate - (listening- recognition that participation happens *in different ways)
*pressure can stop the learning *environment
*balance of people focused on process and product
*giving other people space
*taking turns
*being yourself
*everyone is important and has *something to offer //