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Learning in Indigenous Communities

Antone, Eileen, and Tania Cordoba (2005).  Re-Storying Aboriginal Literacy.

 Literacies:  Fall, 2005.  Available at

Antone, Eileen, Peter Gamlin and Lois Provost-Turchetti (2003) Literacy and Learning:  Acknowledging Aboriginal Holistic Approaches to Learning in Relation to “Best Practices” Literacy Training Programs.  Toronto:  Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.  Available at:

Study Circles  A good bibliography of study circles articles and studies.  More on general study circles (in more plain language.)  This website promotes study circles as community practice in democracy.  Kansas Study Circles, building stronger connections between parents, communities and schools.

Veeman, M. Nayda (2004). “Adult Learning in Canada and Sweden: A Comparative Study of Four Sites.” Ph.D dissertation, Department of Education Administration, University of Saskatchewan. Available at

Communities of Practice

Barton, David, and Karin Tusting, eds., (2005).  Beyond Communities of Practice:  Language, Power and Social Context.  Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Wenger, Etienne (1991).  Communities of Practice:  Where Learning Happens. Benchmark Magazine, Fall, 1991.  Available at:

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