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The Learning Circles Project
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Welcome to the Learning Circles Project website.

Note: The Learning Circles Project happened in 2004-2006. You may find some of the links to external websites do not work any longer. Some of the organizations we worked with have changed or are no longer funded.

This website is for people who are interested in community learning for adults.

This project is about how adults can learn about a variety of topics in an inclusive environment. The people who worked on this project came together as literacy workers.

The project is a place where all adult education workers, learners, researchers, and policy makers can share knowledge, learn from each other and develop understandings, strategies and policies for inclusive, participatory, democratic and sustainable 21st-century learning.

Learning is essential to who we are. 
Most of our learning takes place in daily life.  We also create places to focus learning.  Some of these places are academic institutions of learning: schools, colleges, universities. There are also community places of learning which are quite different from academic institutions. 

This project looks at a kind of learning group that is not widely recognized, but which provides an exciting alternative to academic learning.  In these groups, which we call “learning circles,” adults with various levels of formal education and quite different histories of learning, come together to share and create new knowledge.

In our study of learning circles we:

The website was developed through a two-year study of learning circles in Canada funded by the National Literacy Secretariat (NLS).

The researchers worked collaboratively with
The Lifelong Learning Working Group, which is itself a learning circle.

This was a Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML) project supported by a partnership among
The Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre

and the National Indigenous Literacy Association (NILA).

This website was designed and built
by Tracey Mollins
and is hosted and supported
by the National Adult Literacy Database (NALD).

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